what it means to WIN

Speaking for myself, winning just simply makes you feel EXTRA good. I already felt good when the shooting was done and felt even better when I saw it on the big screen in Manila – to actually be there with the whole team and watch the characters come “popping out” with their lines and costumes. It was… *insert happy, dreamy face* like that. Making a movie is a collective effort and my part as a Costume Designer made a great deal of that feeling. I am grateful to have contributed to the whole look of My Paranormal Romance.

Congratulations to our Production Designer Kaloy Uypuanco, also the voice behind the Bra. Yes, bra as in bra. To RJ Aquino and the rest of the post-prod team for winning Best Editing whooot! And to our director Victor Villanueva and to the rest of the MPR team for getting that Special Citation Award. To the cast who were amazing at every beat of their screening time, to the crew who were effortlessly enjoying every shooting and vfx-ing days and nights — BEST performance ever, you are all winners yeah!!!


My overnight-in-Manila experience was a blast. I was proud to have convinced a friend to fly with me, wore a ‘paranormal’ outfit on Awards Night, bought the coolest F21 boots that fit pefectly, and most importantly made new friends. It also opened more exciting prjocts ahead. I know the Universe always provide with ways and means, doors and windows. And it’s always up to us to accept or decline or become a winner everytime.

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  1. Josephine Sicad writes:

    wanna hug you fo real on this so so so great achievement dimps! i can only imagine the overwhelming feeling =)
    always proud of you! xxx see you soon!

  2. stylefaerie writes:

    i can feel the love 🙂 thanks fyns *hugs back!*

  3. ava writes:

    WOW!! Congratulations Dimps and the rest of the MPR family. Cheers!

  4. stylefaerie writes:

    Thanks Ava!

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