Bamboo Paper

My first favorite virtual notebook! New home of my recorded dreams (goodbye iPod Notes!). These 6 pages are the details of the short dream I just had awhile ago while putting my boys to bed. Easy access – as I woke up and went straight back to work in my laptop. I am so happy, I wouldn’t miss recording a dream anymore yay! And the feel of actually writing is superb! 


Get Bamboo Dock then this beauty is yours for free – plus 5 other apps that goes with it. Get your Bamboo Paper now! You might want to keep track of those “Dreams” : business plans, sketches, original recipes, travel hopes… Whatever, just try it for yourself! ^_^ Thanks for sharing Chico Chikerts!

But of course, nothing beats the happiness of doodling and writing on a crisp page of a REAL notebook!

4 Responses to “Bamboo Paper”

  1. Josephine writes:

    Ahaahaha gidownload gyud dayun! supperrr lingawwww!
    funny thing though kay ang bamboo ni brian wla na pud niya kaau nagamit..ako tu remind later hehe =)

  2. stylefaerie writes:

    weeee! i-surprise daun heheh! 😀 lingaw noh! ^_^

  3. papersandtschai writes:

    weeeee! lingaw! thanks dims! i agree about the REAL notebook part pud. =)

  4. stylefaerie writes:

    Yay! high-five paper addict!

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