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This little boy knows just what he wants. Like how he always picks up his favourite colour: green. Or how to have fun and how to look for it. He wants you to chase after him because he knows he is so good at playing hide. He loves his big brother, Zaiid. He tags along […]


These were taken during my very first stint as a Stylist for Earth Day 2006. They were my creations: Earth Lady & Love Being. (And I was 6-months pregnant with my first son!) Being a Stylist or a Fashion Designer has been the longest and most coveted dream that I can think of. Back in […]

screaming tuesday

It was a screaming tuesday but I kept my calm. on me: stripey off-shoulder top – South Shores, denim vest – H&M, leggings – Terranova, sandals – New Look , owl necklace  – Sophie