Crib this!

Yay, it’s ready!
Can’t wait to lay down the newest bundle of pudding here.


Repainted this (convertible crib to daybed) from its natural wood color to silver-grey. This was built and handed down to us by our Tiyo four months ago right when I was scouting for second-hand cribs online. Ain’t we lucky!


Here’s Akii enjoying it as a daybed while he still can!


So this was how it looked like (bottom left photo) when we got it. It had a clear varnish finish or stain. I knew I wanted to repaint it and replace the locks with new ones. So after days of sanding (bottom right photo), it was then ready for its paint job! Wish I could do it myself, but I’m still tied to my bed. Anyway, our new ate did an awesome job in repainting, wouldn’t you agree? I was more than pleased. My parents also made sure we used a safe paint for it.


Hooray for hand-me-downs and family-made cribs! Baby Kikuy feels all the love indeed.

Rest in bed

Apologies for this very disturbing drawing.

kikuyThat’s me right now—somewhere between lying and sitting, on our bed, with my skinny legs and a deformed, huge pregnant belly that’s hard as a rock. My doctor advised me to stay in bed after being confined for 3 days at the delivery room at 32weeks.

(I just deleted a whole paragraph of the confinement scenario. Saves me from the pity.)

This means I’d have to stay put until the big day comes. No walking and/or standing except necessary trips to the bathroom. No coming down from my room. Definitely no heading to the office.

I had been experiencing early contractions as early as 27weeks. I was under a lot of stress and drama and unfortunately—a pregnancy fact—I can’t control how my body reacts to emotions I am experiencing. I blamed myself, blamed others, and even shamefully blamed this whole situation I’m in. My doctor said I’m having this thing called ‘antepartum depression’. I immediately dismissed the idea because I thought that was ridiculous. I mean I wasn’t sad or… my thoughts derailed as I was already trying hard to not cry in front of her. Well, I failed.

Love on the other hand, didn’t fail me. It embraced me however imperfect I am. It tells me truth and does not seal words with sweetness but rather with firm kindness. Sometimes it gives me nonsensical laughter, but more often it brings out the the joys of motherhood in ordinary, everyday moments. Love forgives. Love never leaves. It shows me just how blessed I am.

We’re now on our 35th week and everyday we pray to reach full term. This bed rest and all the challenges that come with it—contractions, heart burns, round ligament syndrome episodes, costochondritis attacks, breathlessness even while practically doing nothing, sleepless nights because baby Kikuy moves my belly like an angry ocean, waking up to a wet pillow after sobbing from some stupid lucid dream…ugh! Any more I missed?—becomes an opportunity for meditation, learning new creative skills, clearing the blueprint of future (family+cubicle) life plans. The best part? Hanging out with my boys the entire day. They are my therapy indeed.

Tomorrow will be better. For now, I rest in bed.

been a while

Two for one night. That’s how badly I needed my doodle therapy.


We’re expecting!

Late last year, we received a great unexpected gift from the heavens: we’re having another baby! I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, I was a bit worried seconds after staring at two positive tests on my hand.

Is our family ready for this big change?

Am I ready?

I mean, after seven years I will be carrying another human being again. But all those worries didn’t matter anymore when I knew how thrilled my husband was, hearing him on the other line… how excited the boys were when I told them we’ll have a baby soon. They hugged me and screamed, “For real?!” and “Are you kidding me, Ma?!” They take extra care of me and my belly. It’s almost hilarious. They talk to my tummy daily, make sure I eat what I crave, and ask everyday how I’m feeling. Even in trips to my obstetrician they question the do’s and don’t’s of a pregnant woman. They take it as a serious job. They’re eager to know about the baby’s weekly development (thanks to Baby Center app!) and they report to me without a miss. Even the Manghud now wants to become a “doctor of pregnancy” (yep, his own words)!

Here’s my favourite photo of the three of them so far. This was taken after finding out we’re having another boy at a trip to the ultrasound lab. Hah! What a relief! I will be expecting the same sweetness, same mess, same craziness! Just look at how drunk in happiness and love these two are. That same day, they gave him his nickname “Baby Kikuy”, a combination of their names: “Kuyki” (Kuya Akii) and “Kuykuy” (Kuya Zaiid). Sounds legit for a pudding bro!


Pudding Bros. ♡ 022016 | Baby Kikuy 20weeks


dream | 052116

To finish a quest, the only way to move up the next level was to go into a “wrap” from an abaca fiber (like this). You wouldn’t be able to see, or smell, or breathe… for a few seconds. And when I am certain that I’ve had enough, I opened my eyes and disentangled of what was left of it. I was brought to the next battlefield, or to whatever challenge I had to face.

(I guess I’m back to this old habit of collecting dreams again.) 

First day of 2016

Pudding Bros.
A 7.3yo , Z 9.6yo

365 days of Lego

I don’t remember when exactly I took this photo but this is what most of his ‘free time’ looks like. Everyday. I guess, this is how chaos does to a masterbuilder*. So I’ve decided to take photos of his creation as religiously as I can. His younger brother joins him by his side, mostly to annoy or disturb (not on purpose) or give praises. He builds too but he knows he can’t keep up with his Kuya and that’s alright with him. They never see it as competition really. In the end, they come up with a good plot for their play. ^_^


Follow them on instagram: 365daysoflego or tumblr:

*coined from The Lego Movie, of course!

Oops, forgot about the kitchen!

Sorry, don’t blame me for missing this… it’s just that, as most of my friends know, I can’t cook! So I don’t usually hang out here. It’s mostly my parents, our house help, and on special occasions our friends who do the cooking when they visit. Some days though, I try, with garlic butter shrimps or pork chops, or simple sunny side-up eggs.


Loving the details even more: Natural wood ceiling wash painted in white, ash grey wall, handle-free all-white drawers, a lovely oven, and a custom-made island table (again from Greenleafwoodworks). My parents did an awesome job in DIY-ing our pantry shelves and filling them nicely. So far, so good. Yum lives here.

H ❤ M E

Today, I have decided that I will not care. I will not care about the order of stories, photos and events, because I am 4 years behind anyway! So, let me start with the biggest ‘old news‘: for two years now, we’ve settled in our very own home! Yay, thank you Lord, thank you Universe!

For this comeback post, I’m happy to share with you some of my favourite spots in the house over the last 2 years.


Top on my list is our faux white brick bedroom wall where our dreamcatchers (by Damgo) hang above our headboard. I love how they go perfectly together. The dreamcatcher set was a ‘moving in’ gift from a tremendously talented and awesome friend, Karla Quimsing. These pieces of art remind me of dreams, magic, and motherhood. They look so fragile yet strong, with every white feather and hint of golden thread that fall. Even my boys adore them! Thanks, Karla! Right photo by Josephine Sicad Photography who is also one talented friend. Yep, I get these kinds of lovely perks from my friends!


This is our shoe rack where flexible re-arrangements happen from time to time on its top. It’s a good spot for my humble collection of succulents and cacti. Also a perfect place to keep photos of our parents, us, and the boys. Lately, we’ve settled for this brilliant setup where our industrial ladder doubles as home for my collection. It gets the right amount of sunlight and is a crowning nook on its own. Recently, we managed to hang my husband’s Lord of The Rings infographic work on the bare wall. Looks good, don’t you think? Right where it should be. Yes, that’s my belly bump… surprise! Post soon.


Next favourite spot, of course, is my dream-come-true brick wall. I love how it stands out from the rest of our home’s interior texture. It spreads wide and towers high, from the ground up to the second floor’s ceiling. After long hours at work and the day is about to end, I touch and feel their imperfections and never miss it. I don’t know, but this part of our home makes me happy. As I always put it in Bisaya, “ginagmayng kalipay“. Plus that zombie poster rocks!


I’d like to think that our dining area is the heart of our home. It’s where we eat together and talk about anything. It’s where we hang out when friends come and visit. It’s also our boys’ study and drawing space, for now. A massive dining table made of natural wood with a bench on one side (from Greenleafwoodworks. I love their handiwork, most of our furnitures are custom-made by them), three Tolix chairs on the opposite side, and two armchairs with customised fabric prints on both ends. The setup gives everyone freedom to do whatever they please. Except sleeping, that is! Adding to this lovely combo is our dining wall. A true labour of love. We put up frames with favourite photos taken by friends, and photos of our little travels, as well as memories of our life in Dubai. Additionally, some of my artworks and my handwritten quote are on display. I also designed and mounted our abstract geometric names on the dining wall. The names will need upgrading though when a new bundle of joy comes out soon.

And of course, to top it all off, beautiful vintage Edison bulbs in four different shapes hang from the ceiling. Our interior designer, Janet of Janet Lee Design Studio, insisted that we go with this plan no matter how long or hard it takes. True enough, it’s worth the wait. She is such a genius. Middle photo by Dennis Carpio Photography for Greenleafwoodworks photo shoot project. 


Moving on… our living area. We get lazy on on our irregular shaped couch on weekends enjoying documentaries or cartoons in YouTube. My boys usually decide what movies to watch and I don’t mind as long as they don’t mind me too—laying on their laps. You can also see a lot quirky things here and there: books… pillows that don’t last long because I keep on changing my mind… industrial chandeliers… vinyl player… cow hide… carabao horns (custom-made by Janice Minor). Yes, we had to put our national animal as it symbolises hard work—the reason why we have a home. *Disclaimer: no carabaos were harmed.

Our home is a work-in-progress. Way too far to say it is “finished”, and that brings joy and excitement. To be able to come home and breathe a good long one as the day ends is one of the best feelings in the world. Looking back, it was a tough ride, sure, but we wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for our supportive parents, our patient contractors, architects, and interior designer. To them, we salute!

This is the result of the sacrifices that we have gone through, especially from my hardworking husband whose love for our family I cannot fathom. This is the result of, plainly putting it, the love we have for our boys. One of the best parts of parenthood is being able to give our children a warm and happy home that they will cherish while growing up. And the truth behind all this love and sacrifice? That a blessing this great can only come from above.


A ★ Z

The purest, immensely-oversized love I have ever known.
(My just-turned-4 and 6.2 year old babies)